Kyle Banerjee jumping at Olivine pools

I'm inquisitive and adventurous by nature, so I'm game for everything. If there's something new to try, count me in.

Everyone has a passion. I like just about anything that happens outdoors, but I especially like sea kayaking, ski mountaineering, and cycling which I do every chance I get. They all appeal to me on a number of levels, but the combination of adventure, scenery, physical challenge, and subtlety that they offer is attractive to me.

Kyle Banerjee kayaking off Cascade Head

When I'm paddling off the coast, the wind, smell of salt water, the sounds, constant movement, and sea life combine to provide an experience of tranquility. I've found rough rocky waters guarantee solitude and constant opportunities to view wildlife while playing in the waves, current, and wind. Having said that, staying out of trouble requires a healthy respect for Mother Nature, the power of the ocean, and some large creatures that don't like to be surprised.

Kyle Banerjee cycling around Crater Lake

I've been a cyclist my entire life, my bike is my primary form of transportation, and I ride for fun in just about anything, even snow. I like the feel of air in my lungs, the smell of flowers and leaves, the sound of wind, and the burn in my legs. After getting my blood pumping and muscles working, I feel like a million bucks.

Kyle Banerjee approaching Illumination Rock

I feel queasy when gallivanting on the roof, but once I don metal edged skis or crampons, I'm totally at ease on steep slopes near cliffs -- there are are few things more relaxing than climbing high into cobalt blue skies where the snow deadens the sound and the rhythm of movement combines with your connection with nature to give a real sense of peace.

Ellie with the kitties

I love animals (actually all living things), especially dogs. The reasons are more numerous than I could list here, but their positive energy, empathy, unconditional love, forgiveness, and loyalty set an example I think we can all learn from.

I like helping people, particularly when animal watching is involved. Though I should warn you that if you let me take care of your cats, I might help them with their canine citizenship skills. I'm usually successful, but some kitties are a bit more challenging...

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